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Our core competencies

One-stop market management solution from import to distribution to brand building

Dedicated in-house legal, registration and trademark protection resources

Efficient supply chain and physical distribution capabilities

Effective in-store and field execution

Comprehensive reporting and feedback system

Multi-country concerted distribution management


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In today’s CPG marketing, our effort is to read consumer’s mind, navigate their path to purchase and influence the series of decisions leading up to checkout at cashier. 

With the right target consumer segments identified, we start in pre-shopping planning stage for consumer engagement.  Apart from conventional marketing programs, our social media and digital communication team implements customized O2O strategy, bringing digital savvy consumers to store.

At store, whether it is the “first moment of truth” or “last meter”, we activate shoppers by picking the best bundle of shelf communication, branded display, demonstration, sampling, consumer incentive program and promotion, aiming to convert them to become our brand buyers. To complete the loop, retention of existing brand buyers and reactivation of lapsed brand buyers are through marketing effort is critical.



The success of a brand in a new market starts at the moment when consumer makes the purchase.  At SDL, we pride ourselves on our in-market execution excellence leading to that moment.
As an international distribution company spanning across continents, our success rest on seamless integration of international best practices with up-to-date local market understanding and networks.  To us, winning has no standard formula.  While an SAP system forms the backbone for efficient sales and distribution operation, agility and creativity in the trade secure cost-effective penetration in right channels with prominent visibility in front of shoppers. Yet, until the shopper makes the purchase and return to repeat, our mission is not fully completed.

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To most companies, brand is the single most important intangible asset. We at SDL share the same understanding and always devote our best effort in enhancing brand equity and maximize brand value.
Whenever we are to develop brand building programs for local market, upholding global brand image and alignment of branding guidelines are always top of our mind before incorporating elements of local preference. Be it a PR event, sponsorship, press conference or mass advertising campaign, we ensure it appeals to local consumer tastes with the original brand ID.
Above all, if required, our R&D team is always available to offer insights on product development which would best meet local consumer needs while in compliance to pre-existing brand requirements.